TomTom Events

Our events team works alongside TomTom to help bring their brand to life through trade shows and events.

The challenge

TomTom are most recognised for their amazing GPS systems but in recent years they've creative an innovative line of wareable products that make it easy for people to keep moving towards their goals. In this competitive space, share of voice is critically important to positive brand growth and having a great team that can effectivly demonstrate TomTom's brilliant technology is paramount.

Services Provided

  • Event Management
  • Brand Ambassadors

The goals

The Blackdrop team were asked to represent the TomTom brand at the latest Noel Leeming expo. Our team were tasked with ensuring TomTom's fitness watches and GPS systems stood out from the crowd!
  • Excite customers about the TomTom brand and products
  • Effectivly engage and communicate why TomTom over a competitor
  • Generate sales of TomTom Fitness Watches and GPS systems
"The Blackdrop team were very engaging with customers - They demonstrated strong product knowledge and connection with the brand"

Luke Makutu
Key Account Manager
TomTom NZ
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Our approach

Engage. Exicte. Encourage.
The Blackdrop team worked hard to understand all the key features and benefits of the TomTom Range. We carefully selected team members who are all passionate about the outdoor experience and active lifestyle so that we could authentically represent the brand and deliver the best possible result for TomTom NZ.
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A book on a table
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