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An educational app experience which informs and guides users on why it's benificial to save power and how to make changes in their own homes.

The challenge

In most of America, there's not really a cost savings incentive for American's to reduce their homes energy consumption. In most of the world it's widly understood that you'll reduce your energy footprint by making decisions such as turning appliances off at the wall and changing to energy saving bulbs.

Unfortunatly, the cost of energy is so cheap in the USA that most consumers don't really bother with making these small changes. We were taked with helping a small reseasrch team based on of Stanford University with designing a product that would encourage energy savigns and educate users as to the global benefits in doing so.
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The goals

To encourage users to make energy saving decisions in their day to day lives.
  • Educate the user as to the reasons why energy savings are important
  • Highlight how much energy their everyday applicances use
  • Provide direct access to product solutions for them to purchase
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Our approach

Engage, entertain and inform
Working with Stanford University, we decided on an approach which incorporated a super hero concierge to guide you through the app.

We designed a series of characters which would explain the various ways you could save power and encourage you to complete the steps. We also build in a rewards system which showed all the possible steps that could be taken and the progress you've achieved through the product.

We designed an effective user interface and developed this into a web app which is currently being trialed with a major energy provider in the USA.
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