Gratia App

An app and content management system developed from scratch which pulls activity information and content from multiple sources combining them into New Zealand's first social travel app experience.

The challenge

With over 30 regional travel organisationss in New Zealand, each providing their own information and content, it's a complex process for travellers to find and plan their schedule. Not only this, there's not a good single application that allows you to travel the country and access content through a mobile experience.

Our task was to design and develop a mobile application that combined information from multiple sources and deliver a seemless integrated experience which allowed a visitor to travel the country with a single mobile application.
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The goals

Design a modern user interface which made it easy to browse through thousands of different activites while being able to save them and share them with friends.
  • Create a modern user interface design
  • Create an engaging user experience
  • Allow users to share content with existing Facebook friends
  • Create connections between users within the app
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Our approach

Swipe based activity search and save
After researching the industry and existing applications, we decided that a swipe based app would provide an effective way for users to search through lots of activity ideas very quickly.

By adopting a UI approach that many people are already familiar with, user didn't have to learn a new saving process and feedback from user testing was extreemly positive.

Our design team crafted a design which allowed users to easily find, save and share activities they discovered within the app and the application has now been adopted by many of the Regional Tourism Organisations in New Zealand as an mobile application strategy.
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