Davis Doherty

Davis Doherty provide corporate clothing and uniform solutions to businesses around New Zealand. We helped them move to an Ecommerce website solution which allowed them present their entire range of clothing solutions online.

The challenge

Davis Doherty had a very simplistic online presence and this was starting to affect their ability to generate new business. Their website only provided links to supplier catalogues and did not allow the business to showcase the vast range of products and solutions they could offer to clients.

In addition, Davis Doherty were interested in selling directly to consumers and wanted to craft an ecommerce solution which would allow a visitor to browse through and order a range of products with their own corporate branding.

The goals

Design a compelling e-commerce website which reflected the range of products available to customers and converted visits into sales.
  • Develop an e-commerce solution that allows customers to purchase products and add their own branding
  • Show the full range supplier products by embedding other websites into the Davis Dohery page.
  • Design a modern, responsive website that helped convert visits into sales.
  • Develop a set of specific landing pages to support Adwords advertising campaigns.
Davis Doherty Ecommerce Website Design

Our approach

Modern responsive UI and UX Design
We worked with the team at Davis Doherty to understand what their clients really wanted our of a new website. We needed to design a solution that was effective at attracting both new clients while servicing existing.

The team at Blackdrop designed and developed an effective responsive design and crafted innovative solutions to display supplier content within the website. We also provided a customised e-commerce solution from which customers could add items to a cart and then select a brand they wanted to add to the apparel before checkout.

The new website significantly increase their overall traffic and online conversions.
Davis Doherty Website

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