Auckland Tourism

Auckland Tourism is owned by Mclaren Brown Media. We worked with the team at McLaren Brown to develop a new multimedia website and mobile application to help promote the Auckland region to new visitors.

The challenge

McLaren Brown Media were one of the largest Tourism Organisations in Auckland having produced the most popular visitor guide, the Auckland A-Z for 30 years. They had recently gone through a rebrand and wanted to craft a powerful new website and mobile application to show off Auckland City to visitors and tourists travelling through the region.

Their design team already had a great vision for what they wanted to achieve and our job was to bring that vision to life.

The goals

Take a set of basic designs and develop them into a fully functional mobile application and website.
  • Develop a series of Photoshop design files into a working mobile application.
  • Collaberate with the design team to construct a compellng responsive website.
  • Create a custom content management system to supply data to both the website and app.
Auckland Tourism

Our approach

Digital Consultancy, Strategy and Development
We worked with the team at McLaren Brown to help consolidate and refine their design ideas into a great mobile application, Hello Auckland. We proceeded to code these designs into a app for iOS and Android devices.

Once the application had been designed, we worked with the team to help develop a brand new website to support the app and become the new face of Auckland Tourism.

As part of this development we had to create from scratch, a fully functional CMS system to allow changes to be made to both the app and website environemnts. The app has been one of the most successful tourism apps launched in New Zealand to date.
Hello Auckland Mobile Application

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