Events & Experiential

Events & Experiential

We know how powerful experiential activity can be and during the past decade, our team has helped create some of New Zealand's most talked about events. We work with the best resources available to bring brands to life in a wide variety of ways.
Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We work with clients to design and execute dynamic social media and influencer marketing strategies designed to increase brand awareness and elevate online presence on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A digital dollar spent wisely yields a much greater return than a dollar spent on traditional advertising. Blackdrop has more than 10 years experience creating and implementing effective digital strategies.
UI / UX Design

UI / UX Design

We're passionate about creating compelling user experiences across websites, software products and apps. Our attention to detail and creativity is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We can take care of your:

  • Print & Brand Design
    Print Essentials

    Professional Identity Essentials

    Your identity is always communicating to your customers and clients, and good design communicates better. Good design can help you stand out from the competition.

    We love brands. Good design sets us apart from our competitors by catching our target markets eye and leaving a lasting impression. We have a great team of professional designers specialising in wide range of skills including corporate branding, logo design, advertisment material, illustration and animation for your next project.

  • Videography & Photography

    Appealing TV and Web Spots

    Video production doesn't have to be complicated and costly. We've been producing Web and TV spots for a long time having produced content for many household brands and commercial organisations.

    We've also got several skilled photographers on tap that can shoot everything from product to event photography.

  • Web Design & Development
    Web Design

    Handcrafted and unique websites

    The team at Blackdrop has more than 10 years experience in website development. We look at a website design as the most important factor of a new site. It's really the glue that bonds technology and content together. We put ourselves in the position of the visitor and start by asking, what are they looking for what content they do they actually want from your website. By putting your visitor at the centre of the design process and truly understanding your brand values - we can create an effective and visually stunning result.

    In order to provide an engaging customer experience, website owners can’t afford to just create static content that never changes. They need to provide an interactive experience for their visitors, which is visually appealing, informative and engaging. It also needs to be cleverly developed so that Google can easily find and rank it correctly.

  • Content Management & Social Media
    Content Management

    Content Management & Social Media

    Blackdrop has grown a team of both exceptionally gifted designers and bloggers to create attractive and engaging content for our customers. When it comes to sponsored posts, it’s even more important to capture the attention of an audience and regular posting of beautiful content will keep them engaged.

    As increasing numbers of people get more of their news and information online, brand involvement in social media is progressively more important. Blackdrop provides a range of expert social media services. They include strategy and planning, content creation, monitoring and management, all helping to ensure the brand is well represented in online comment and conversation.

  • App & Software Development
    Software Development

    App & Software Development

    We design and develop all kinds of digital products. We can work with you to help research, develop and conceptulaise your ideas into a series of designs and then take you all the way through the development process into a completed product.

    We've taken the time to build an off-shore development house which provides cost effective resource for your SaaS, App or Website development projects.

  • Event, Media and PR

    Event & PR Management

    We know how powerful experiential activity can be and during the past decade, Our team has helped create some of New Zealand’s most talked about events and ambient campaigns for clients aswell as her own projects. We work with the best resources available to bring brands to life in a wide variety of ways.

  • Online Advertising & SEO
    Digital Advertising

    Online Advertising & SEO

    Google has become the primary destination where customers begin searching for information on products and service. It’s critically important to have a high search result ranking when trying to attract new customers to your business. Chances are that if they don’t find you on the first page of results, they will probably choose to go with one of your competitors. Blackdrop specialize in both on page and off page optimisation and paid search and display advertising. Blackdrop is a Google advertising partner and we will work with our Google to manage any paid advertising plans.

  • Marketing Strategy & Consulting

    Marketing Strategy & Consulting

    Marketing strategy is the cornerstone of any marketing efforts and campaigns you embark on. The Blackdrop team uses a combination of proprietary tools, strategic partnerships and open source platforms to compile data that can provide fact based insights and assist in building new marketing strategies. By working with Blackdrop, you’re not only hiring a company that’s not only got the experience and capability to create world class content, but you are also gaining a contracted marketing manager that works on your behalf to design and execute any required marketing campaigns and that will take direct responsibility for their success.

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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.