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For many people, marketing and advertising can be a confusing subject at the best of times. Understanding Google, SEO, Social Media, Analytics and PPC marketing can be a nightmare if these aren’t terms and activities you manage on a regular basis.
Blackdrop started with the vision of being able to inject Kiwi ingenuity, creativity and simplicity into your marketing mix. We help to crystalise the creative direction, strategic approach and marketing activities for business owners who time and energy is better utilized in doing what they do best.

Let’s work together through through the baby steps of understanding a digital world and we will teach you to win in a competitive landscape.

Management Team

Chris Ewing Blackdrop Founder

Chris Ewing

Founder, Marketing Director
Chris Ewing is a seasoned senior marketing professional with 10 years experience in digital developments and online marketing. While specialising in digital marketing, Chris brings a breadth of marketing experience across a wide range of digital and traditional marketing methods.

Douglas Paul

Founder, Strategy & Finanace
Over the last two decades Douglas has mainly been involved in developing strategies for and investing in NZ domiciled businesses that wish to establish operations, or undertake a full migration, to the US. He brings 25 years of experiences in capital markets, from public through to venture and private equity transactions, in NZ and the US.


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