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Blackdrop’s favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2018

It’s been an epic year in the world of marketing with brands going all out with their marketing campaigns in an effort to engage and connect with their audiences. We’ve seen some epic ones, like the Tesla in space, some hilarious ones - we’re looking at you Amazon - and some eye-opening ones, like Iceland’s Christmas advert. 

So let’s take a look back at the year as we round up some of our favourite marketing campaigns of 2018.

1. Iceland’s Christmas Advert

Iceland’s Christmas campaign took the internet by storm this year. The advert was all about informing people about the destruction of palm oil extraction, and its’ contribution to habitat loss and the endangerment of species, including elephants, rhinos, tigers and orangutans. The advert was originally made for TV, but was banned by Clearcast - an agency that approves ads on behalf broadcasters - deeming it "too political”. 

Despite being banned, the campaign became viral online. With over 100 thousand engagements within 24 hours, the message certainly struck a chord with their audience. Shortly after, the company decided to make an animatronic orangutan walk the streets of London as part of the campaign, to continue to highlight how rainforest destruction threatens orangutans. 

A big pat on the back to Iceland for tackling such an important issue this year. 

2. SpaceX’s Tesla into Space 

SpaceX and Tesla took their ad campaign to new heights - literally. Elon Musk’s two enterprises joined forces to send the first Tesla into space. 

It made for one of the most dramatic moments of live-streaming history, with its live YouTube feed making the rounds on the internet. The stunt drew in millions of viewers, thousands of news articles, and over half a million conversations. Most of the social chatter around SpaceX’s successful launch and the Tesla Roadster’s epic journey was positive, with many observers simply excited to see America returning to space in an ambitious way.

It was an epic way to start off their marketing campaigns for the year.


3. Netflix’s “A Great Day in Hollywood”

This Netflix campaign was a powerful statement video from the company, reinforcing its commitment to equality and the acting of black actors and actresses.

The clip brought together some of Netflix’s most recognisable African American performers from some of their famous shows like Stranger Things, Luke Cage, Dear White People, and more. They came together to deliver a profound message of equality, that not only resonated with the African American community, but people of all races. 


4. Amazon’s “Alexa lost her voice”

The annual Super Bowl tournament brings forth some of the most entertaining marketing campaigns of the year. One of our favourites is Amazon’s take on the big marketing event. Its creativity and humour has made it become one of the most talked about ads from the Super Bowl. 

The ad starts with the idea that “Alexa lost her voice” and the echo smart functions need to be replaced by celebrity voices. Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, and even celebrity chef Ramsay Gordon all have a part to play in the advert. 

Definitely one of the most humorous campaigns from the year.

5. The Doritos #SPITFIRE and Mountain Dew #ICECOLD campaign

Doritos and Mountain Dew got their creative juices flowing by releasing a combined campaign for the SuperBowl. Their goal was to go viral on social media, with the #Spitfire and #Icecold battle to gain brand awareness. It featured Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in a lip sync battle with cameos from Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.

Although the hashtags didn’t create a huge trend, the ad itself did get people talking and is said to be one of the most popular ads of 2018. 


7. LinkedIn’s ‘What are you in it for?’

At the beginning of this year, LinkedIn created a social media campaign that shifted the focus from the platforms own capabilities to their audience by asking, “What are you in it for?”. The question drew in hundreds of members submitting an answer on why they push themselves professionally. 

LinkedIn then released a video ad campaign incorporating professionals from around the world with their answers. The main message they wanted to convey was that no matter why you work hard, you have a community in our platform, and “whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together”. 

The way they incorporated user-generated content to support their campaign was extremely effective. 


6. Nike #LDNR Campaign

The Nike LDNR is one of their coolest ads of the year, with the company bringing together a whole of heap British sporting stars to explain why it’s great to be a Londoner. 

Though London is a hugely important part of the ad, it’s the people that take centre stage. By focusing on the reality of sport in London, along with its humorous take on it - Nike ensures that the ad relates to its audience of young, city-dwelling consumers.

The ad won a host of awards at Cannes and generated 4.6m views on YouTube in the space of a week.


And that’s our wrap up of just some of our favourite campaigns of 2018! What marketing campaigns stood out for you this year?


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