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Why your business needs a holiday marketing strategy

It’s that time of year again! When the excitement for Christmas and New Years can be felt in the air, and people are scrambling to organise their holiday plans. Most companies shut down around this period, but that doesn’t mean you should be turning off your marketing strategies with it. 

The holidays pose a massive opportunity for marketing, and are often the highest revenue-driving times of the year for many businesses. Think about it, when it’s the lead up to the holidays, people are out there buying, buying, and buying some more. There’s a reason why our shopping mall’s are the first to start decorating for Christmas - it starts off the holiday shopping spirit and encourages people to start thinking about buying their Thanksgiving, and Christmas gifts. 

And because shopping is pretty much constantly on peoples’ minds during this time of year, it makes it incredibly important for us to implement a holiday marketing strategy.

Here are a few marketing stats that prove why. 

If you aren’t convinced yet, check out some of these successful holiday marketing campaigns to inspire your very own marketing strategies. 

Starbucks’ Red Cup 

Is it really holiday season if Starbucks’ haven’t launched their red cup yet? The festive red cups have become a tradition, and in 2015 they launched the #RedCupContest campaign to invite customers to share and tag their photos of their red cups for a chance to win one of five huge prizes.

The campaign was a hit, with over 40,000 entries, and in just the first two days of its launch, a photo with the #RedCupContest hashtag was uploaded to Instagram every 14 seconds! 

Since then, many people started to use the red cup as a blank canvas for holiday doodles and sketches. So in 2016, the company decided to invite customers to share their designs for the cup on Instagram. They received over 1,200 submissions from 13 countries across the world.

Now the red cups have become a symbol of Christmas, getting people excited to see what the new design will be for the year. Certainly a great example of interactive marketing. 

Apple’s ‘Share Your Gifts’ Campaign

Every year, Apple releases a holiday commercial made to pull your heart strings. This year is no different. It almost feels like a Disney Pixar short film, with its quirky animated characters and whimsical surroundings. 

While there isn’t much product placement in the ad, the story tells of a girl who has an abundance of creative talents but is simply too embarrassed to share them with others. It encourages us to give a little piece of ourselves to our friends and families this holiday season.

The commercial has done extremely well so far, with 4.4k likes on Facebook, and over 1.2 million views on YouTube within its first week. 

Tugging at customers emotions and feelings is a great way to tackle your holiday marketing. And this one’s definitely done its job of evoking those warm, pre-holiday feelings! 

Ally Bank’s “Happy Banksgiving”

Brace yourself for some waterworks. Ally Bank’s “Happy Banksgiving” campaign will give you all the feels this season. In the lead up to Thanksgiving last week, the company gifted customers with prizes ranging from $25 gift cards to $55,000 for a woman running a charity. 

They embraced the holiday spirit by rewarding their customers, and creating a heartfelt video to go along with it. The commercial was distributed mainly through social media, and has since garnered over 300,000 views on YouTube. 

When executed successfully and thoughtfully, holiday campaigns can often give you the best results. But while many businesses focus on year-end holidays, it’s also important to take advantage of other holidays throughout the year. Planning holiday campaigns really should be a year-round event, focused on delivering personalised experiences to individuals on the holidays they care about. 

Not only is holiday marketing great for business, but it also shows your customers you care. This is why we see so many holiday campaigns tugging at our emotions - because we can relate and connect to them. People don’t relate to companies, they relate to other people. Having a holiday strategy shows them you’re real, and that there’s people behind the company, wanting to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit. 


If you haven’t sorted out your holiday strategy for this year, its not too late! Give us a buzz, and we can help you plan a marketing strategy for this holiday season. 








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