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How Facebook Groups work for business

We’re all out here trying to vie for our audience’s attention and engagement. And with Facebook, that means being seen on peoples’ newsfeeds. 

With the Facebook algorithm now prioritising posts with meaningful interactions from friends and family and less on public posts from brands, its become trickier to ensure your content even gets a slot on your audience’s newsfeeds.

This has caused a decline in organic reach through Facebook Pages. In some cases, Pages with more than 500,000 likes, are getting only 2% or less of organic reach.

However, there are ways to work around the new Facebook algorithm. And one of them is through Facebook Groups. Brands are now starting to focus on creating groups that encourage more meaningful conversations and discussions with their audience to ultimately achieve more reach through newsfeeds. 

You might be thinking - “Aren’t Facebook groups just about the same as Facebook pages?”. Nope, not at all. 

Groups are more than just a Facebook Page. A page works as a profile for a business, where a group is more focused on like-minded communication. 

It’s an online hub for people who share common interests and want to express their opinions in a safe forum. Not only does it give members value, but it can also help to increase your reach and engagement on Facebook. 

Let’s take a deeper look into why Facebook Groups are so effective. 

1. It creates a sense of community 

As a brand, your goal shouldn’t just be to sell your product or service. Instead, it should be to build lasting relationships with your customers. And one of the best ways to build relationships in the world of social media is to create an online community.

In a group, members can start conversations among themselves, ask questions, and be apart of a community with people they can relate to. 

2. It creates a sense of exclusivity and importance

We all like being told we’re special, or important in some way, right? This is where private Facebook groups come in. They have the ability to make your customers feel like they’re valued and important.

Sharing content that is only available to those apart of the group, creates a sense of exclusivity that your customers will appreciate in the long run.

3. It provides extra value for customers

Groups give your customers another way to communicate with you - and that’s something you can never have enough of! By building an online community through Facebook Groups, you have the chance to provide extra value to your audience. Whether that be through exclusive updates, blogs, advice, or even FAQ’s. Having another medium where content can be shared with your customers gives you more chances to provide better communication, value, and knowledge. 

4. It helps you “beat” the algorithm

With the algorithm changes, Facebook Groups now receive higher levels of engagement than Pages. As groups encourage meaningful interactions with its ability to start conversations, discussions and question-answering, posts from groups are given a higher status in the News Feed algorithm. 

Creating and maintaining a group is a great way to “beat” the algorithm and get your posts seen by more people.  While it may not be a complete solution to the algorithm, it is a way to generate more exposure, and boost awareness among your Facebook audience. 

This week, we sat down with Justin, the Marketing Manager for Northern Arena Gym to chat about how their Facebook Group 'Northern Arena Gym Family' has made a huge impact on their growth. Check out the interview below!

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