5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Email Marketing

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Email Marketing

Doing business is all about connecting with your audience, and keeping them engaged so that they don’t leave you for someone else (I know, it’s heartbreaking). Email Marketing offers businesses a way to do just that. You can keep in touch with your audience, increase brand exposure, and continue to deliver value in an open, conversational, and interactive setting.

 In terms of marketing channels, email is still one of the most powerful channels available out there - even beating out Facebook and Twitter. 

 If you aren’t sold already, here are 5 reasons why you should be investing in email marketing:


1. Email has larger reach 

Many people believe that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are the most effective ways to reach larger audiences. And although they aren’t wrong, everyone tends to forget how big of a reach you can get through email. Sure, Facebook boasts over 2 billion active users, and Twitter has over 330 million, but in fact there are 3x more email accounts than there are Facebook & Twitter accounts combined. 

It's not hard to think why, because email is basically the currency of the web. Anybody who is online has an active email address, making it one of the most effective channels to reach wide audiences.

And with the new Facebook Algorithm Update in mind, email marketing is sure to be a more effective method in making sure your content is seen. 


2. Connect with your target audience

 Email marketing gives you the means to stay connected with your audience on a regular basis. Whether that may be through weekly emails or monthly newsletters. It helps keep your business on top of their mind and at the tip of their tongue. That way, when the time comes where they need your product or service, they’ll remember you. 


3. Helps increase brand recognition

 Sending out emails with your brand name, logo, tagline and other brand elements gives you a chance to ingrain your brand into your audience’s minds. This helps in building your brand awareness and recognition - even if they may see it for just a second. 


4. Increases your credibility 

Consistent and quality email marketing that is relevant, engaging, on-topic and gives your audience valuable information helps you earn and grow their trust, making it easier for you to then promote your offerings in future. 


5. Keeps your existing clients in the loop

Having a weekly or monthly email newsletter helps in keeping your clients up to date with what’s new. You can share what you’re working on, and keep them informed on new products or services you have for them, and entice them to buy from you again. 


Email Marketing is an easy way to connect with your clients - without the hassle of printing, postage, envelopes and all that nonsense! One of our favourite tools is Mailchimp, which helps make email marketing easier than ever. 

 If you’re unsure on where to start, or want help in creating email marketing campaigns for your business - contact us to have a chat! 





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