The New Facebook Algorithm Update

The New Facebook Algorithm Update

The trending topic these past couple of weeks have been the new Facebook Algorithm Update. Still unsure what the update is and how it’s going to affect you? Not to worry, we’re here to fill you in!

Firstly, what is the Facebook Algorithm?

The Facebook algorithm basically sifts through the millions of posts and stories that are made each day, and decides which ones will appear on your newsfeed based on its relevance to you. The algorithm then uses signals like how many comments, reacts, and shares a post has to determine how high they appear on your newsfeed.

The New Update

Facebook’s new algorithm update will now prioritise posts from friends and family, particularly posts that are more likely to spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people, and less on public posts.  

Here’s an explanation of the new algorithm by Marc Hull, director of Product Management at Facebook:


Sounds all great and dandy, but (and this is a big but), the new algorithm has a huge impact on brand pages, publishers, and marketers because it means it’ll be harder for us to get that space on our audience’s newsfeed.

So what does this mean for you?

Its not all bad, in fact, the new algorithm will encourage publishers to create content that is more meaningful, and useful for their audience.

To help you post the right type of content that’ll be more likely to show up on newsfeeds, Buffer has some pointers on what the new algorithm will love and hate:


  • Post types that users seem to prefer more than others (e.g., photo, video, or status update)
  • Posts that receive a high volume of Likes, comments, or shares in a short time
  • Videos uploaded to Facebook that receive a large number of views or extended viewing duration
  • Posts that talk about a trending topic
  • Posts from Pages that one interacts with often
  • Posts from Pages with complete profile information


  • Posts with clickbait
  • Like-baiting
  • Posts that include spammy links
  • Frequently circulated content and repeated posts
  • Text-only status updates from Pages
  • Posts that ask for Likes, comments, or shares
  • Overly promotional content from Pages—pushing people to buy an app or service, pushing people to enter a contest or sweepstakes, posts that reuse the same text from ads


Facebook has already made multiple changes in the first month of 2018, so there’s sure to be many more to come. So watch this space and we’ll keep you in the loop!



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